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Drawing inspiration from the great statesman, educationist, social reformer, visionary and patriot, Namdar Gopal Krishna Gokhale, the late Principal T. A. Kulkarni founded the Gokhale Education Society in the State, which is managed entirely by the teachers. The Society runs a network of schools, colleges and research institutes at a number of places, thus occupying a significant place in the education map of the country.
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The Gokhale Education Society started R.N.C. Arts, J.D.B. Commerce & N.S.C. Science College Nasik Road, on 20th June 1963. The college caters to the education needs up to Post graduate level in Marathi, Hindi, English, Economics, Geography and History in the Arts faculty, up the postgraduate level in the Commerce faculty and up to the degree level in Physics, Electronics, Computer Science, Chemistry and Mathematics in the Science Faculty. Read More
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